Standart Icons – Free Vector Iconset in SVG, Sketch


This could be for recognition of his skillset, or to just add value to the Internet, or maybe a mix of both. Either way, I’d say he’s succeeded because this icon pack is one of the sleekest new kids on the block.

Right now, it’s downloadable in three formats:

  1. Web fonts (TTF, EOT, WOFF, and SVG)
  2. SVG
  3. Sketch

The icon fonts themselves can even be added to your site with a CDN stylesheet that you just add to your header. Note this is hosted through the domain, so I don’t know how well it can hold up against heavy load.

But, just the fact that this iconset is so open and freely available makes it one of the best line icon packs you can get.

Not to mention it’s frequently being updated with new icons. Given enough time, this pack could reach a level similar to Font Awesome or any other major icon font.

You’ll notice whenever you click a download link, it directs you over to Gumroad. Most people know this as a pay-to-download marketplace but you can grab certain items for free if they’re set to $0 downloads.

All of Standart’s Gumroad files are totally free, so you’re not paying anything to download. However, you are allowed to give some money if you want to tip Yaroslav for all his hard work.

Either way, the Standart iconset is worth saving and revisiting as the months go on. I have a feeling this could become a staple iconset for hundreds of future websites!